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Monday, February 8, 2010


Barbora Knobova is touring the blogospere with her book Tales For Delicious Girls with Pump Up Your Book Promotions.

About the Book-

  Tales for Delicious Girls offers witty, refreshing, clever and ironic insight into relationships between men and women from all points of view. The book is a modern relationship manual, providing answers to the most pressing dating and friendship questions that strong, independent, modern women want to know. "Tales for Delicious Girls" deals with wishes, desires and dreams - as well as hilarious mishaps and dating disasters. However, "Tales for Delicious Girls" is not simply a humorous book. In addition to entertaining the readers, the tales will inspire women to think about their own life and relationships, see themselves through different eyes and realize that they are their own best friend, the pillar of their own life, and the only person they can always count on. "Tales for Delicious Girls" encourages women to love, respect and appreciate themselves, to live the life they have always wanted, and become aware of their true uniqueness and deliciousness. This book will make you cry till there are tears in your eyes. It will become your faithful companion, and will help you find yourself. It was written for you because you're delicious - the most delicious girl in the world.

Book Details-

Tales for Delicious Girls by Barbora Knobova.
Category: Relationships
Paperback / Hardcover: 180 pages
Publisher: BK Publishers
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0578033399 / 0578036924
ISBN-13: 978-0578033396 / 978-0578036922

About the Author-

Barbora Knobova is a writer, relationship coach and expert in Delicious Life. A world traveler, she is one of those rare world citizens who live everywhere and nowhere. Barbora is a firm believer in female friendship, loyalty and bonding. She writes hilarious, sharp-witted, caustically apt, ironic, moving, true books for strong, independent, smart, fearless women. Barbora has also written several self-improvement books and teaches women about the importance of self-love in relationships and life in general.

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Read an Excerpt-


"Recently I had lunch with my friend Claire whom I’ve known since college and whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. We met in our favorite restaurant in order to finally discuss the latest news and talk about everything that had been happening in our lives. Claire arrived with a new haircut, in a new coat and visibly with a few pounds less. I complimented her on her looks and received a lecture on what a nuisance it was to buy new clothes in a different size and on how her breasts had disappeared together with her love handles, which was the reason why she was considering a plastic surgery.

During lunch, Claire talked mainly about herself, her trouble at work, about the nasty fight with her mom and about her new lover who was totally emotionally unavailable but she was on top of the world with him anyway. When she made a pause in the middle of her chatter to finish her chicken tortellini that were getting cold, I finally had a chance to get a word in. I happily told her the two biggest pieces of news. With the new medication I had put on a few pounds but after endless months full of doctors and tests I was feeling good, had lots of energy and was able to live normally again. And in the evening I had a date with my new male find, an incredibly sexy officer from government security.

I expected Claire to be excited about my news, curious about details, happy that I was healthy again and had a date with a man who made me feel butterflies in my stomach. But instead she looked at me critically and said that those few pounds I had put on really didn’t flatter me and that I should do something about it. And that security guy of mine definitely had to be totally emptyheaded as "a run-of-the-mill cop".

Sitting over the dessert, she also told me that my work was absolutely useless if for the last two weeks I had been working sixteen hours a day and that it was so not worth it. The new pair of jeans I was wearing were something she would never have bought because they were too wide for her taste. And unlike me, she would never have gone on holiday all the way to Australia because such a long flight was too tiring. And besides, Australia wasn’t anything special anyway. After lunch, in a nearby shop she criticised the belt I wanted to buy, and yelled at the shop assistant standing on the other side of the store that an M would be definitely too small for me and asked her to bring an L straightaway. After the two hours spent with Claire I was sick to death of her and in a lousy mood. Somehow I couldn’t understand what all that was about. In college, we were inseparable. We shared success and failure, excitement about new lovers and pain after break-ups, exams, theses, losses and discoveries, simply everything.

Openly, genuinely, honestly. And now the same Claire was trying to convince me that I was fat, impossible and that my life was worthless, unlike hers. I didn’t think Claire was right and I definitely didn’t get desperate over my own life. I was upset, because the woman I had known for ten years and whom I trusted unreservedly had pointlessly and absurdly criticized me only to prove that she was better off. To boost her ego at my expense.

To annoy me, spite me and maybe even hurt me.

Later when I thought about Claire I realized that our lives couldn’t have been more different. In college we were both in the same boat and were joined mainly by the effort to survive exams and last out until graduation.

But I started working while still in school, and after college I became a freelance translator. Claire treated herself to a long holiday and then she started to look for a job. She was convinced that everyone would be in ecstasy about her recently obtained degree and knowledge, and that employers would be one-upping each other to offer her the best paid job. Without practice and with a degree in a not really practical field she ended up as an assistant of a large company director and started to feel underrated. Instead of improving her qualifications and trying to get a job she’d always longed for, she prefers to sit at her assistant desk and complain about how much she hates her work, and that it’s not what she studied so hard for. While I took a mortgage and bought my own apartment, Claire, in a sudden independence fit, moved away from her parents and rented a tiny studio downtown that now costs her half of her monthly income. While I’m happy about my life and mostly do things that I enjoy, Claire focuses all her attention on searching for the future father of her children. On every first date with a new man she talks about the four lovely babies that she will have with him, and she doesn’t want to hear that this seduction strategy is a total flop."

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