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Sunday, September 9, 2012



  • Title: Identity
  • Author: Mark Hosack
  • Print Length: 330 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Star (August 7, 2012)
  • Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc
  • Language: English.
  • Purchase Book: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

About the Book:
The corporate greed of Wall Street meets the Hitchcockian suspense of North by Northwest in this thrilling debut by screenwriter Mark Hosack.

A secret best told on the run…
One day Paul Majors is a respectable businessman looking into some accounting irregularities in his office’s parent company. The next, he’s wading through a murky world of dark finance, uncovering a vast web of illegal activities in the CEO’s executive circle, being hunted by a ruthless corporate assassin and the FBI, and getting sucked into a second company’s illicit dealings.
     As he travels across the United States to unravel the twin mysteries he’s caught in, it’s not clear who Paul can trust—or even who is who. The woman who seduced him at the hotel bar might be there to help, or take him out. The government agents change with a chameleon’s ease. Heck, even Paul’s running around under an assumed name!
     In this corporate shell game of names and motivations, Paul’s got 1,500 loyal employees—and his own life—on the line. But it’s becoming dangerously clear that Paul himself is not Too Big to Fail…or be killed.

My Thoughts

I was hooked from the first page and the novel is full of twists and turns that kept me guessing. The plot and characters were fantastic and all of the characters were believable. The major character Paul Majors finds himself in a world of deceit, mystery and suspense. Paul actually has a conscience and wants to find out what happened to his company and goes on a wild ride to find out. The author has a wonderful way with word and he has written a novel that is fast paced, easy to read and is an excellent debut novel.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I want to welcome Peter Leonard to Books R Us. Peter is touring the blogosphere with his suspense novel Voices of the Dead . Thanks for stopping by.

AUTHOR: Peter Leonard
The Story Plant
PAGES: 320


The year is 1971. The place is Detroit. Harry Levin, a scrap metal dealer and Holocaust survivor, has just learned that his daughter was killed in a car accident. Traveling to Washington, DC to claim the body, he learns that the accident was caused by a German diplomat who was driving drunk. This is only the beginning of the horror for Harry, though, as he discovers that the diplomat will never face charges – he has already been released and granted immunity. Enraged and aggrieved, Harry discovers the identity of his daughter’s killer, follows him to Munich, and hunts him down. What Harry finds out about the diplomat and his plans will explode his life and the lives of everyone around him.

Brimming with action and dark humor,
Voices of the Dead, firmly positions Peter Leonard as a writer ever suspense fan needs to read.

Read an Excerpt: 
Hess found out the woman lived on P Street in Georgetown, not far from the consulate. He told the ambassador he was having dinner with potential clients, and wanted to drive himself. It was unorthodox, but plausible. He had been issued one of the embassy’s Mercedes sedans. He stopped at a bookstore and bought a map of the area, and located P Street. He drove there and saw the Goldman residence, a federal-style brick townhouse.

Hess went to a restaurant and had dinner and a couple drinks. At ten o’clock he drove back, parked around the corner on 32nd Street between two other vehicles so the license plate was not visible to anyone driving by. He walked to the Goldmans’, stood next to a tree in front of the three-story townhouse. There were lights on the first floor. He walked to the front door and rang the buzzer. He could hear footsteps and voices inside. A light over the door went on. Hess stood in the open so whoever it was would see he was well dressed. The door opened, a man standing there, assumed he was Dr. Mitchell Goldman, dark hair, big nose, mid-forties, top of the shirt unbuttoned, exposing a gold chain and a five-pointed star.

Hess smiled. “My car is on the fritz. May I use your phone to call a tow truck?”

 Dr. Goldman stared at him with concern. “I am staying just down the street at the consulate,” Hess said, smiling. Now the door opened and he stepped into the elegant foyer, chandelier overhead, marble floor.

“Mitch, who is it?” a woman said from a big open room to his right.

Dr. Goldman looked in her direction. “Guy’s having car trouble, wants to use the phone.”
 “It’s ten o’clock at night.”
 “He’ll just be a minute,” the dentist said.

Hess could see the woman sitting on a couch, watching television.

“The phone’s in here.” The dentist started to move.

Hess drew the Luger from the pocket of his suit jacket,and aimed it at Goldman.

The dentist put his hands up. “Whoa. Easy.”
 “Who is in the house?”

 “Just the two of us.”

 “Are you expecting anyone?” He shook his head.

 “Tell her to come in here,” Hess said.

 “What do you want? You want money?” He took his wallet out and handed it to him. “There’s eight hundred dollars in there.”

 “Call her,” Hess said. “Hon, come here, will you?”

 “I’m watching ‘All in the Family.’ Can you wait till the commercial?”

 Hess could hear people laughing on the television.

 “Just for a minute,” the dentist said.

Hess saw her stand up and step around a low table in front of the couch, moving across the room, still looking back at the television. She turned her head as she entered the foyer and saw him holding the gun. Her hair looked darker in the dim light but he had only seen her briefly that day.

 “Oh-my-god,” she said, hands going up to her face.

 “We’re reasonable people,” the dentist said. “Tell us what you want.”

About the Author:

Peter Leonard’s debut novel, QUIVER, was published to international acclaim in 2008 (“A spectacular will be holding your breath until the final page.”– The New York Sun). It was followed by TRUST ME in 2009 (“TRUST ME is fast, sly and full of twists.” – Carl Hiaasen, New York Times bestselling author). The Story Plant will publish Leonard’s newest novel, ALL HE SAW WAS THE GIRL, in the spring of 2012.

My Thoughts: 

I have to admit that I am not a fan of espionage thrillers but this book was fantastic. I was drawn in from the first page and finished the story rather quickly. There was action, suspense, humor and a cast of characters that made the book interesting. Throughout the book there are times when we find ourselves in Nazi Germany with scenes that were very realistic and well researched. The Main character, Harry, was a child during those horrific times and escapes death. When his daughter was killed by a diplomat, he travels to Munich to track the killer down. The killer looks familiar to him and he finally figures out who he is. All of the supporting characters interacted well. I especially liked Cordell who was Harry's sidekick. He was funny, charming and added energy to the story. If you like suspense and historical novels this is the book for you. 

Disclaimer: I was given a free book by the author and Partners in Crime Tours for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I want to welcome James LePore to Books R us. James is the author of numerous suspense novels and is touring the blogosphere with his newest novel Gods and Fathers being released today. Thanks for stopping by.

Book Details:

Title: Gods and Fathers
Publisher: The Story Plant.
Publication Date: February 7, 2012
Purchase: Amazon|Barnes & Noble.

About the Book:

Nationally bestselling author James LePore has established a reputation as a writer whose vividly drawn characters and morally complex plots have kept readers up to all hours turning pages. His new novel promises more sleepless nights and more nonstop thrills.

Matt DeMarco is an accomplished Manhattan attorney with more than his share of emotional baggage. His marriage ended disastrously, his ex-wife has pulled their son away from him, and her remarriage to a hugely successful Arab businessman has created complications for Matt on multiple levels. However, his life shifts from troubled to imperiled when two cops – men he's known for a long time – come into his home and arrest his son as the prime suspect in the murder of the boy's girlfriend.

Suddenly, the enmity between Matt and his only child is no longer relevant. Matt must do everything he can to clear his son, who he fully believes is innocent. Doing so will require him to quit his job and make enemies of former friends – and it will throw him up against forces he barely knew existed and can only begin to comprehend how to battle.

GODS AND FATHERS is at once a powerful mystery and a provocative international thriller, all of it presented with LePore's signature fascinating characters placed in dire circumstances where every choice poses new and potentially fatal challenges.

About the Author: 

James LePore is an attorney who has practiced law for more than two decades, and an accomplished photographer. He is the author of three previous novels, A WORLD I NEVER MADE, BLOOD OF MY BROTHER, and SONS AND PRINCES, as well as the story collection, ANYONE CAN DIE. He lives in Westchester County, NY with his wife, artist Karen Chandler. Please visit the author's site

Read an Excerpt:

“Why can’t you stay at your mother’s when they’re away?”
“I told you, Basil’s worried about security.”
Though this statement was challengeable on several levels, Matt let it pass. The marriage six years ago of Debra DeMarco, nee Rusillo, and Basil al-Hassan, a rich and handsome Syrian businessman, had marked the beginning of the end of Matt’s long and tortured fight for a place in his son’s heart. Armed with the ultimate weapon—-her new husband’s money—-Debra had made quick work of destroying the last vestiges of Matt’s hopes. A penthouse on Park Avenue, a beach house in Easthampton, a flat in Paris, a “cottage” in Bermuda, clothes and cars virtually on demand, Matt had no way of competing with all this, and no way of expressing his anger—-until tonight.
“What about Mina?” Matt asked.
“What about her?”
“Why aren’t you seeing her?”
“She’s studying.”
“Yes, studying. You keep repeating what I say. She’s a student. Students study.”
This statement was delivered dismissively, not sarcastically. You’re stupid, Dad. I’m tired of you. Why am I bothering with you? are what Matt heard, and it occurred to him, with a clarity that shocked him after all these muddled and painful years of effort and rejection, effort and rejection, ad nauseum, that he could not hurt Michael, that his own son was indifferent to him, and this was a blow, and strangely a release.
“Well, your friends are assholes, and you are too, Michael. You’re an arrogant, shallow asshole. Where you came from, I don’t know. But not from me.”
“That could be. Maybe Mom had an affair–like you did--and I’m not your son. Do I care? No, I don’t. Can I go upstairs now? I’ll leave in the morning.”
In the kitchen, Matt poured himself another scotch. He took the pizza out of the refrigerator and sat down to eat it, surprised to find that he actually had an appetite. Until tonight, despite the bad cards he had drawn, he had never stopped trying to break through to his son. It’s over, he said to himself, over and done. He’s not your son. He’s Debra’s son, Basil’s son. You lost him a long time ago.
He finished the pizza and was wrapping the garbage to take out in the morning when the doorbell rang. Looking out the kitchen window he saw that it was snowing heavily. Those idiots, he thought, they’re probably stuck someplace. No choice but to let them in. But when he swung open the front door, it wasn’t Adnan and Ali, but his friends Jack McCann and Clarke Goode, homicide detectives who he had worked with for many years, standing facing him. He could see their unmarked car at the curb, and behind it, blocking his driveway, a Pound Ridge patrol car, its engine running and headlights on, two uniformed officers in the front seat. McCann, a florid Irishman whose blue eyes were usually lit by some inner secret joke, looked grim; and Goode, a gnarled black man who never failed to greet Matt with a big smile, was not smiling. Far from it.
“Come in. What’s up?” Matt said. Then, nodding toward the street where the patrol car sat: “What’s with the uniforms?”
The two detectives stepped into the foyer.
“Take your coats off,” Matt said. He could see they were dressed for work, sport jackets and ties on under their trench coats.
“Matt...,” McCann said.
“Talk, Jack,” Matt said. “Is somebody dead?”
“Is Michael home?” Goode asked. He had not taken off his coat, and neither had McCann.
“That’s his car out there,” Matt said. “You know that.”
“Where is he?”
“He’s upstairs.”
Matt looked from McCann to Goode, then back to McCann; looked in the eyes of each, and did not like what he saw. “What about Michael?” he asked.
“We’re here to arrest him,” McCann replied.
“For what?” Drugs, Matt thought, good, let the kid get a taste of the pain he’s always inflicting on others. Him and his two Arab suppliers.
“For murder, Matt,” Goode said.

My Thoughts:
I have always been a fan of suspense novels and Mr LePore's novel is full of twists and turns that kept me engaged and interested. Matt is an interesting character who has quite a temper but takes care of his family. There were times that I was a little confused by the switch of characters but I was able to follow the storyline.  All of the characters complemented each other and added to the story.  The ending was a surprise and the epilogue tied up the story well. the book was well written and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good mystery loaded with suspense.


Thanks to the author I am able to give away a signed copy of one of the author's earlier books called A World I Never Made. 

Contest ends on 2/16/12 @11:59pm EST. See rafflecopter for rules.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Every eBook received for review on the tours for Partners In Crime are given in exchange for an honest review. The eBooks are sole property (copyrighted) of the author and should not be sold, distributed to, or exchanged among other people not part of the tours, nor should they be listed on file sharing sites

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I want to welcome Mayra Calvani to Books R Us. Mayra is the author Dark Lullaby and numerous other books. She is touring the blogosphere with Bewitching Book Tours. Thanks for stopping by.

Book Details: 
Genre: Fantasy, suspense and horror.
Publication Date: 2011.

Purchase: Amazon.

About the Book:

At a trendy Turkish tavern one Friday night, astrophysicist Gabriel Diaz meets a mysterious young woman. Captivated by her beauty as well as her views on good and evil, he spends the next several days with her. Soon, however, he begins to notice a strangeness in her–her skin’s abnormally high temperature, her obsession with milk products, her child-like and bizarre behavior as she seems to take pleasure in toying with his conscience.

The young woman, Kamilah, invites him to Rize, Turkey, where she claims her family owns a cottage in the woods. In spite of his heavy workload and the disturbing visions and nightmares about his sister’s baby that is due to be born soon, Gabriel agrees to go with her.

But nothing, not even the stunning splendor of the Black Sea, can disguise the horror of her nature. In a place where death dwells and illusion and reality seem as one, Gabriel must now come to terms with his own demons in order to save his sister’s unborn child, and ultimately, his own soul…

*Dream Realm Awards Finalist!

About the Author:

Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer, Writer’s Journal, Multicultural Review, and Bloomsbury Review, among many others. A reviewer for over a decade, she now offers online reviewing workshops. When she’s not writing, reading, editing or reviewing, she enjoys walking her dog, traveling, and spending time with her family. She is also the author of a compilation of bizarre and unusual stories from exotic places called The Cat Cellar and Other Stories.

Visit her website at Join her mailing list and receive the first two lessons of her book reviewing workshop, as well as her free ebook, Reviewers Talk About Their Craft.

Twitter URL:
Facebook Fan Page URL: 


Would you like to win a e-copy of the book The Cat Cellar and Other Stories

Just leave a comment with your name and email and you will be entered to win.

Contest ends on Jan 21 @ 11:59pm EST and is open internationally. Winner will receive an Ecopy of the book and the prize will be fulfilled by the author.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I want to welcome Joseph Hayes to Books R Us. Mr. Hayes is the author of his debut book When No One is Watching. He is touring the Blogosphere with Partners in Crime Tours. Thanks for stopping by.

On the eve of announcing his run for Congress, a charismatic Chicago politician causes a deadly accident. Panicked, he frames his best friend, a good-hearted alcoholic, and flees the scene. As one man tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, the other embarks on a meteoric rise to political stardom. But when a dogged detective digs deeper into the case, the political superstar must decide just how far he is willing to go to keep his dark secret and avoid an explosive scandal that could ruin him and rock the entire nation. In this suspenseful thriller, author Joseph Hayes asks, is "the greater good" just a lie we tell ourselves to justify the sins we commit when no one is watching?

My Thoughts-

A fantastic thriller and the author has a vivid imagination that is portrayed in his writing. The storyline covers many years and after Blair leaves Danny at the scene of an accident, Danny tries to go on with his life. Blair becomes a political giant and Danny attends AA meetings to help overcome his addiction.. As I read the novel, I disliked Blair due to the fact that he was a coward and lier. Many years later, Detective Slazak discovers that Blair was the driver and as he tries to pursue his suspicions his life may be in danger. When Danny finds out that he did not cause the accident his life changes and he is able to move on.  Does Blair get what he deserves? I guess you have to read the book to find out. If you like suspense, politics and drama this is the book for you. I was hooked from the first page and I finished the novel rather quickly. This is a great debut novel and I hope that Mr. Hayes continues to write in the future.

Disclaimer- I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.