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Monday, January 21, 2013


I have always thought the Borax was more of a household cleaner and not a laundry booster but it is so much more. It is 100% natural mineral mineral and contains no phosphates, chlorine, or other chemicals. It is great for locations with hard water and is safer for the environment than bleach. It is also great for cleaning grout and tile in the bathroom.

My Thoughts:

I am always leery about using bleach in my laundry because of the effect it may have on my cesspool and septic tank. I am aware that using powder may cause a back up in the cesspool, so I decided to pre-dissolve the laundry booster before putting it in the washer. I had to use less detergent and I did not have to use any fabric softener. It got my whites whiter, softer and had a fresh smell. My family noiticed that their socks were whiter. Check out all of the uses that it can be used for:

Thanks to Borax I am able to give away 3 coupons so you can try the product for your self. Giveaway ends on 1/31/13 @11:59 PM EST


Borax provided me with a free sample of their product so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I love how it works on hard water in the dishwasher.

  2. I has never used this product in the dishwasher before, but it works wonders for the white clothing in the laundry.

  3. I remember my grandmother used this. I haven't tried it.

  4. We have used it for different purposes for many years, but I kinda forgot about the last couple years. Thanks for reminding me as it is a great product!

    jbafaith at yahoo dot com

  5. I have always wanted to try Boarx and now I will based on your comments!

  6. Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway

  7. I use Borax for so many things. I use it for the dishwasher, when I make laundry soap. I use it for cleaning and whiteneing. It's really a great product.

  8. another difficult giveaway :( only 1 day left
    great post btw

  9. Love Borax! I made a bunch of laundry soap today in fact. It's great stuff.

  10. i love this stuff great laundry detergent


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