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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I want to welcome Emily March to Books R Us. Emily is the author of Angel's Rest: An Eternity Springs Novel. Thanks for stopping by.

About the Book:

Gabriel Callahan has lost everything that mattered. All he wants is solitude on an isolated mountain estate. Instead, he gets a neighbor. Vibrant, no-nonsense Nic Sullivan is Eternity Springs’ veterinarian, and she has an uncanny plan to lure this talented architect back to the world of the living. First with a dog, next with a renovation project, and, finally, with a night of passion that ends with a surprise.

Now a man still raw from tragedy must face the biggest struggle of his heart. Can he forgive himself and believe in the power of second chances? Dare he trust in the promise of a future and a brand-new family here in Eternity Springs?

Angel's Rest by Emily March (Excerpt)

Thanks to Random House I can give away a copy of the book (USA ONLY- see rules on Rafflecopter form) To my International Friends: I was just informed today 1/26 that the book is not available on Netgalley any more. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Giveaway ends on 2/12/12 @11:59pm EST.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Title: The Seer.
Author: Martha Harris
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.
Publication Date: October 28, 2011

About the Book:

Bobbi Wheeler is a psychiatrist who uses her psychic abilities to help her patients deal with depression and grief. This ability to know her patients' history and inner thoughts through a simple "touch" is the reason behind her successful therapy sessions with satisfied clients.

Bobbi doesn't always view her abilities as a gift, but a curse, because not all of her dreams are pleasant. She saw her grandfather's death in a dream when she was young child and tried to prevent it but couldn't. This started her feelings of helplessness whenever she dreams about dangers involving people she encountered and touched by chance.

While she may know the ways in dealing with emotional pain, she is also somehow battling with her own frailties and inner turmoil, making her long for the ocean and the pleasant things about it to give her peace. It is in one of these trips that she meets Lance Wolfe, a nonbeliever in psychics and a widower who blames himself for the death of his wife in a car accident. His guilt somehow hinders him from loving another woman again. Nonetheless, Bobbi opens his heart once more, but not completely. He seems to have the gift, as it is with him that Bobbi learns she can communicate using thoughts alone and go through someone else's psychic's mind.

In one of her visits to Lance's house in Belford, Bobbi feels like she's been inside a man who gave her the most horrifying nightmare ever. This man who for a time she mistook as one of her patients, Tobias Emerson murders a couple in her dreams. This man has the ability to control minds and although she is able to go inside the dream and prevent him from doing the crime, the man prevails over her and goes ahead with the carnage. After the police get involved, the man has only one thing on his mind killing her.

My Thoughts:

When I started reading the book, I found it hard to get into but I was glad that I decided to continue reading. There were twists and turns that kept me engaged and an ending that will surprise you. The main character, Bobbi, was likeable and very interesting. Bobbi has visions or nightmares that were vivid, descriptive and frightening. Bobbi has a special ability to see a person's inner most thoughts through touch. She sees a new client, Tobias, and feels nothing when she touches him and she realizes that he is very different. There is tension between her love interest, Lance, and their relationship grows as the story unfolds. If you like mystery,romance and the supernatural then you will enjoy the book.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Review Team. Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I want to welcome Deena Remiel to Books R Us. Deena is the author of Ghost of a Chance (Paranormal Romance). Thanks for stopping by.

About the Book:

Drowning in grief over the loss of her husband years ago, Susannah immersed herself in a high-powered position at her marketing firm. But, she’s finally able to accept that her need for a man in her life is stronger than her desire to bury herself in her work.
Remy is a ghost of a man, literally. Cursed by a vengeful ex-wife he neglected, he is meant to spend the rest of his life without the chance of a normal life ever again. Or is he?
Susannah and Remy, two people ghosting through life, until they are brought together by a fateful 1Night Stand. Both are seeking re-entry to the land of the living and loving. Can they fulfill each other’s deepest desires and learn what it means to live again? 
About the Author: 
It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing romance novels and poetry in the wee, small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings. She loves connecting with her fans, so find her at
 This is crazy! I feel more with this ghost than I ever have with men made of flesh and blood, including my husband who I loved since grade school. She opened her eyes, reached out, and placed her palms where she saw the outline of his cheeks. Leaning back until she rested on the blanket, she rejoiced that he’d followed her down, hovering over her so that the shimmering stars on the ceiling shone through his body. “Kiss me again, Remy. And this time don’t stop.” 
You can purchase the book from:
Decadent Publishing and


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Friday, July 22, 2011


I like to welcome Melissa McClone to Books R Us. Melissa is the author of  the novel Not-So-Perfect Princess (Harlequin Romance) and is touring the blogosphere with Goddess Fish Promotions.Thanks for stopping by.

How I Came Up The Novel.

It’s so good to be here today. Thanks for hosting this stop on my virtual book tour. I thought I’d talk to you about how I came up with the idea for my newest release from Harlequin Romance Not-So-Perfect Princess.
Back in February 2000, If the Ring Fits… was published by Silhouette Romance. In the story, I introduced two secondary characters, Crown Prince Brandt and his older sister Princess Julianna aka Jules. Brandt wasn't mature enough to be the hero of a romance novel, but I knew Julianna was ready for her own story. I tucked in a few details that I could use in her own book: a love of sailing, broken engagement and wanting to marry for love. But one thing led to another, and I never ended up writing her story.

Fast forward nearly a decade when I decided to wanted to write another royalty-themed romance. I remembered Julianna from my days at Silhouette, but now that I wrote for Harlequin Romance, I decided to come up with a new idea. After a few starts and stops, I settled on what would become my February ’11 release, Expecting Royal Twins!

In that story, I needed a secondary character, someone who could be both a friend and a sort of fairy godmother to my heroine. With my editor’s permission, I resurrected Princess Julianna. As soon as she showed up on the page, I knew I was ready to write her story. Fortunately, around the same time, my editor asked if I wanted to participate in the Once Upon a Kiss miniseries where books are loosely based upon classic fairytales. I said yes. I asked if I could use Princess Julianna in Sleeping Beauty. My editor's answer—yes!

I knew Julianna's character pretty well by now, but I wasn't quite sure about the plot. With Sleeping Beauty as the basis, I knew the story had to be about an awakening. Face it, a woman on her third arranged marriage contract when she'd rather marry for love has been sleepwalking through life and not being true to herself! I wanted to address the question of duty vs. desire. I also knew sailing needed to be a big part of the story. The question was how to do it.

I happened to be staying at my good friend and Avon historical author Elizabeth
Boyle’s house last summer. I was finishing up revisions on another manuscript, but wanted to start thinking about the next book I would write. One evening we sat a Seattle Starbucks. With Frappucinos in hand, we brainstormed. The idea of two brothers in the story came from our session, as did the island setting and the hero designing and building racing sailboats. From there, I started plotting, working on character arcs and the romance, until the story evolved into what was published in Not-So-Perfect Princess.


About the Book-

Not-So-Perfect Princess (Harlequin Romance)Dutiful Princess Julianna has a secret—she’s actually happiest makeup free, sailing with the sea breeze in her hair. Her attraction to rebel prince Alejandro is instant—but her intended is his brother, the proper but dull Enrique!

For the first time, Julianna’s irresistibly tempted. Before long, she’s spending her nights sailing with gorgeous Alejandro while the rest of the palace believes she’s sleeping. Soon she’ll have to choose—remain the perfect princess, or follow her heart and stop sleepwalking her way through life....

About the Author- 

Melissa McClone writes for Harlequin Romance. Her November '10 release Christmas Magic on the Mountain (Harlequin Romance) is a RITA® Finalist in the Contemporary Series Category. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but quit her job to write romance novels. Writing happily ever afters is a lot more fun than analyzing jet engine performance. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, four cats and a dog named Chaos.

My Thoughts-

I have always thought that Harlequin Romance novels were erotic but that was not the case with this novel. I read the book while on vacation in Florida lounging by the pool. I was captivated by the storyline and I finished it rather quickly. I felt that all of the characters were developed fully and Melissa was able to retell a classic story in a whole new way. The use of the kitten Boots as a means for the main characters Julianna and Alejandro to meet was perfect and their romance started to develop throughout the book.. One character that I disliked was Enrique because he was arrogant and obnoxious but he played a major part in the plot. This a great summer read and I recommend the book to all of you romance lovers out there who likes a clean romance novel

Read an Excerpt-

“We are approaching the palace,” the pilot announced over the headsets.

Goosebumps prickled Jules’s skin.

Full of curiosity at her new home, she peered out the window. A huge white stucco and orange tile roofed palace perched above the sea. The multistoried building had numerous balconies and windows. But no tower. Another good sign?

A paved road and narrower walking paths wove their way through a landscape of palm trees, flowering bushes and manicured greenery. Water shot at least twenty-five feet into the air from an ornately decorated fountain.

The Mediterranean island and palace were a world away from Aliestle and the stone castle fortress nestled high in the Alps. Living somewhere lighter and brighter would be a welcome change from the Grimm-like fairy-tale setting she called home.

“Father may have finally gotten this right,” Brandt said.

Jules nodded. “It’s pretty.”

“At least on the outside.”

She sighed. “Don’t forget, dear brother, you’re here for moral support.”

“And to make sure the honeymoon doesn’t start early,” Brandt joked.

As if she’d ever had that opportunity present itself. She glared at him. “Be quiet.”

“Sore spot, huh?”

He had no idea. Engaged three times, and she’d never come close to anything other than kisses. Besides making out with Christian while a teenager, she’d been kissed once as an adult. Prince Niko’s kiss while sailing had been pleasant enough, but nothing like the passion she’d overheard other women discussing. Perhaps with Prince Enrique…

The helicopter landed on a helipad. The engine stopped. The rotor’s rotation slowed. Her hand trembled, making her work harder to unbuckle her harness. Finally she undid the latch. As they exited, a uniformed staff member placed their luggage onto a wheeled cart.

“Welcome to La Isla de la Aurora, Your Royal Highness Crown Prince Brandt and Your Royal Highness Princess Julianna.” An older man in a gray suit bowed. “I am Ortiz. Prince Enrique sends his regrets for not meeting you himself, but he is attending to important state business at the moment.”

“We understand.” Brandt smiled. He might not be the typical statesman, but no one could fault his friendliness. “State business comes first.”

Jules looked around at the potted plants and flowering vines. A floral scent lingered in the air. Paradise? Perhaps.

“Thank you, sir.” Ortiz sounded grateful. “I am in charge of the palace and at your service. Whatever you need, I’ll see that you have it.”

Jules glanced at Brandt, whose grin resembled the Cheshire cat’s. She would have to make sure he didn’t take advantage of the generous offer of hospitality.

“The palace grounds are lovely, Ortiz,” she said. “Very inviting with so many colorful flowers and plants.”

“I am happy you like it, ma’am.” His smile took years off his tanned, lined face. “Please allow me to show you and your party inside.”

Klaus nodded. Her bodyguard, in his fifties with a crew cut and a gun hidden under his tailored suit jacket, had protected her for as long as she could remember.

“Lead the way, Ortiz,” she said.

As they walked from the helipad to the front door, Ortiz gave her a brief history lesson about the palace. She had no idea the royal family had ruled the island for so long. No doubt the continuous line of succession had impressed her father who would want to ensure a long reign for his grandchildren and the heirs that followed.

“Prince Enrique has done so much for the island,” Ortiz said. “A finer successor to King Dario cannot be found, ma’am.”

If only Jules knew whether the compliments were truthful or propaganda. She knew little about her future husband besides his name. “I’m looking forward to meeting Prince Enrique.”

Ortiz beamed. “He said the same thing about you at lunchtime, ma’am.”

A third good sign? Jules hoped so.

When they reached the palace entry, two arched wooden doors parted as if by magic. Once the heavy doors were fully open, she saw two uniformed attendants standing behind and holding them.

Jules stared at the entrance with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. If all went well—and she hoped it did—this palace would be her new home. She would live with her husband and raise her children here. She fought the urge to cross her fingers.

With a deep breath, she stepped inside. The others followed. A thirty-foot ceiling gave the large marble tiled foyer an open and airy feel. Stunning paintings, a mix of modern and classical works, hung on the walls. A marble statue of a woman sitting in the middle captured Jules’s attention. “What an amazing sculpture.”

“That is Eos, one of the Greek’s second generation Titan gods,” Ortiz explained. “We are more partial to the Latin name, Aurora. Whichever name you prefer, she’ll always be the Goddess of the Dawn.”

“Beautiful,” Brandt agreed. “Eos had a strong desire for handsome young men. If she looked anything like this statue, I’m sure she had no trouble finding willing lovers.”

“Close the front doors,” a male voice shouted. “Now.”

The attendants pushed the heavy doors. Grunts sounded. Muscles strained.

“Hurry,” the voice urged.

The people behind Jules rushed farther into the foyer so the doors could be shut. The momentum pushed her forward.

A shirtless man wearing shorts ran toward the doors. Something black darted across the floor.

Yvette screamed. “A rat, Your Highnesses.”

“There are no rats in the palace,” Ortiz shouted.

The ball of black fur darted between Jules’s legs. Startled, she stumbled face-first.

“Catch her,” Klaus yelled.

Too late. The marble floor seemed to rise up to meet Jules though she was the one falling.

She stopped abruptly. Not against the floor.

Strong arms embraced Jules. Her face pressed against a hard, bare chest. Her cheek rested against warm skin. Dark hair tickled her nose. The sound of a heartbeat filled her ears. He smelled so good. No fancy colognes. Only soap and water and salty ocean air.

She wanted another sniff.

Ortiz shrieked. “Your Highnesses. Are either of you hurt?”

Highnesses? The man must be a prince. Her father had only spoken of the crown prince. No other brothers had been mentioned. Oh, if this were Enrique…

 You can purchase the book at-
Be sure to leave Melissa some comments, she'll be giving away a $20.00 Amazon gift card at the end of the blog tour.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 I like to welcome Amanda E. Alvarez to Books R Us. Amanda is the author of her debut novel Hunting Human available now.

For two years, Beth Williams has run from the past, and the beast that dwells inside her. She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend. Now Beth finally thinks she's ready to move on...with Braden Edwards, a charming, irresistibly sexy man who tempts Beth to embrace the present.
But the past lurks closer than Beth realizes. Markko Bolvek, one of the werewolves who kidnapped her, has tracked her to Portland, Oregon, his pursuit fueled by a hunger for vengeance. Only Braden, a werewolf himself, senses the danger shadowing her steps. The Edwards and Bolveks have been enemies for centuries—and despite the instant connection he feels with Beth, Braden isn't sure which side of the war she's on.
With suspicion at odds with their attraction, Beth and Braden must learn to trust one another to stop Markko for good. Can Beth accept the wolf within—and love a man who embodies everything she fears?

My Thoughts-
I have always been a fan of the paranormal, shape shifters and werewolves. The book was a page turner and I was not able to put it down. The characters were developed fully and the way the author incorporated the werewolf traits and myths into the plot was great. 
there was sexual tension between Beth and Bradon. I have to warn you that there were some erotic and violent scenes in the book that may be very graphic.   I have not been a fan of Romance novels but I enjoyed Hunting Human very much.  Throughout the book there were flashbacks. the author was able to shift between the past and present smoothly and without interruption in the storyline. So if you are into paranormal romance, then I suggest you go out and pick up a copy of this great book.
 Author's Website.
Read an Excerpt. 


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Monday, June 13, 2011


 I want to welcome Laina Turner to Books R Us. She is the author of numerous non-fiction titles and Stilettos & Scoundrels is her first fiction novel. Thanks for stopping by.

Presley Thurman, a sassy, thirty-something red-head, was looking to reinvent herself. She didn't allow the fact she was recently fired to bother her - she was ready to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Presley is a lover of shopping and Starbucks, and even though she sometimes had bad taste in men, she always had great taste in clothes. Not looking back on corporate America, Presley decided to follow her dream. With her feisty nature and a spirit to not "sweat the small stuff," she was ready to tackle any challenge (even if she had no idea how she would pay the bills). When her friend Trevor offered her a job with his online magazine to interview public figures, she jumped at the chance. However, the new job turned into something unexpected when the U.S. Senator she was slated to write about was murdered - in her home town! Presley was excited - she hadn't seen so much buzz since the spring sample sale at Saks. She was ready for this adventure, even if it didn't seem to fit neatly into her life. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to be in the middle of the buzz. Presley was determined (not to mention curious) to find the killer and write her story. After all, she couldn't afford her shoe habit without a job and she was certainly not one to shy away from danger. The only thing standing in her way was an old high school fling, Cooper Sands, head of the Senator's security. He was not actually standing in her way, but because of his good looks, he was the biggest distraction and one she was having the hardest time overcoming. Cooper felt it was too dangerous for Presley to look for a killer and tried to distract her with reliving the past; which Presley found more dangerous than any killer. While she attempted to resist Cooper's good looks and charm, Presley was able to discover the Senator's wife, Helen, had been having an affair... with her best friend's boyfriend! Did Helen kill the Senator? Or was it the Senator's love of gambling that got him killed? And what was Cooper's secret tie to the mob boss Garrison Palazzo? Presley was betting her favorite pair of Manolo's she will find the killer... but will time run out!

My Thoughts- 

The plot was interesting and fast moving. The story was written in Presley's point of view and there were times in the book that confused me because I was unsure of what character was speaking/thinking at the time. Because of that, I did not get to know the other characters very well. There was a lot of mystery and romance throughout the book that kept me engaged and when I though I knew who the killer was, there was new twist introduced in the storyline. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, mystery and looking for a summer read.

Author's Thoughts-

"Stilettos & Scoundrels is my first foray into fiction writing. As a avid reader all my life I always wanted to write but never had the confidence. When I finally decided to pursue my dream of being a author I didn't know I was in for such a fun time. Oh sure it's been hard and as I write the sequel to Stilettos, I think of how better I am at writing now. But it has been so satisfying to have accomplished a dream."

Author's Twitter

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I would like to welcome T.L. James to Books R Us. She is virtually touring the blogosphere with NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz™

The MPire: In Search of the Lost (The MPire Trilogy)The trilogy of The MPire starts with, In Search of the Lost which is the story about Mallory Towneson Haulm, a sexy financial powerhouse, who lives in a quasi paradise in Austin, Texas. His opulent world is decorated with expensive toys and women more exquisite than an exotic candy shop.

After fourteen years of separation from his family, Mallory is summoned to return back home to join The Family Business. Poised for success, Mallory is focused on turning around the ailing business, not realizing that taking his assigned reigns will put him in a position of unrelenting power which he is unaware he even has. His world crashes as he reunites with his brothers and becomes Death, the forth horseman of the Apocalypse.

With every complication popping up in his life, the biggest one by far is in the form of an old love from the past coming back to reclaim the spot in Mallory’s heart.

About the Author-

TL James graduated with an MBA from LeTourneau University. At LETU, James cultivated an interest in biblical studies and research. Little did James know, but her love for research would become an integral thread in her writing style.

After many sleepless nights, James began writing her first speculative fictional book, with her newly born son tucked comfortably at her side.  She developed the family drama storyline that showcases her love of research, biblical studies and literary classics (i.e., Chaucer, Shakespeare and Mythology). The MPire Trilogy was born.

In 2008, TL James revived PHE Ink, a Writing Solutions Firm, after discovering a number of gaps in the publishing industry.  James works with aspiring writers, one-on-one, to develop their literary voice. PHE Ink, also, assists entrepreneurs with transforming their business dreams into defined objectives and business plans. 

My thoughts-

I have never read a book like this one before. All of the characters in the Haulm family were unique and each had a hidden agenda that is revealed throughout the book. I have not read the precursor of the book, The Chronicles of the Haulm Boys and I wish I had. I had some difficulty figuring out who the brothers unique qualities were until the middle of the book. Then it all fell into place and the book came alive. The relationship between Mallory and Matthew was sweet as well as troubled. Mallory was a sexy, wealthy and intriguing individual who has to make a choice between life and death. He has to live up to his destiny of being the Forth Horseman (Death) and continue the family legacy. Throughout the book, there were supernatural beings and images surrounding Michael that kept me thinking. Who were these spirits and why are they after Michael? I guess you have to read the book to find out the answers. The author's descriptions of the supernatural was fantastic and the ending was unpredictable. I did not want the book to end and I wanted more. I look forward to reading the all of the books in the series.  I have to warn you that this book is only suitable for the adult reader due to the erotic and sometimes violent scenes in the novel.

Contest- International

Thanks to the author, I am able to give away ONE copy of the book.
EBook copy only- Worldwide
Print- USA only (You may Choose the Ebook version if you prefer)


Leave your name, email and where you live.

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Contest ends May 1st at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be picked by The winner will be sent an email and has 48hrs to respond or another winner will be announced.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my review.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


A Trail of Ink: The Third Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon (Hugh De Singleton 3) I had never seen Master John Wyclif so afflicted. He was rarely found at such a loss when in disputation with other masters. He told me later, when I had returned them to him, that it was as onerous to plunder a bachelor scholar's books as it would be to steal another man's wife. I had, at the time, no way to assess the accuracy of that opinion, for I had no wife and few books ...' So begins another delightful and intriguing tale from the life of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon in the medieval village of Bampton, near Oxford, and bailiff of Bampton Castle at the behest of Lord Gilbert Talbot.

About the Author-

Mel Starr was born and grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After graduating with a MA in history from Western Michigan University in 1970, he taught history in Michigan public schools for thirty-nine years, thirty-five of those in Portage, MI, where he retired in 2003 as chairman of the social studies department of Portage Northern High School. Mel and his wife, Susan, have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

  My thoughts-

I have always been fascinated with the Medieval era and I have read many books on the subject. A Trail of ink was not only a fascinating mystery but a well researched novel. I have not read the other two books in the series but I had no trouble following the storyline. The author used the jargon of the medieval times and there were some words that I was not familiar with. The author included a glossary that was very helpful. All of the characters were interesting, intriguing and well developed. The novel was easy to read, interesting, descriptive and included just the right amount of romance. So if you want get away for a little bit, read the book. You will not be disappointed.


Kregel Publishers is graciously donating a $50 gift card for the Litfuse Blog Tour Contest! To enter the contest, please visit the Litfuse Facebook page.

For a list of other participants in the tour please visit the Litfuse web site.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Divine Appointments: A Novel (A Snowglobe Connections Novel)With the big 5-0 fast approaching, Josie Brooks begins to question her structured, picture-perfect (mid)life. 
Josie Brooks, at the age of 47, thought she was leading an enviable single life. A successful consultant, she calls her own shots, goes where the money is, and never needs to compromise. But her precisely managed world begins to falter during a Chicago contract when an economic downturn, a bleeding heart boss, and the loyalty and kindness between endangered employees ding her coat of armor.
Throw in hot flashes, a dose of loneliness, a peculiar longing for intimacy, an unquenchable thirst—not to mention a mysterious snowglobe with a serene landscape, complete with a flowing river and lush greenery that seems to be beckoning her in—and Josie’s buttoned-up life is on the verge of coming completely undone. Maybe her solitary existence isn’t as fulfilling as she has convinced herself to believe.
It will take a few new friends, a mystical encounter, and an unexpected journey to set Josie on her own path to “right-sizing” and making the life changes that really matter. Filled with laugh-out loud moments and a gentle dash of inspiration, Divine Appointments is another heartwarming charmer from a master storyteller.

My thoughts

This is the first novel that I had read by the author and I did enjoy it.. The main character Josie, was single, had a perfect life and was a little compulsive.  There were many characters introduced in the book and it took me a while to figure them out. There were sad and humorous parts throughout the book that kept my attention. Although the book is Christian based, it was very subtle and not overwhelming.  The snow globe did not appeal to me and I felt it served no purpose in the story and could have been left out. Overall the storyline was interesting and relevant for today's problems.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Tour and Review of Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith

Bathsheba: A Novel (The Wives of King David)Bathsheba is a woman who longs for love. With her devout husband away fighting the king's wars for many months at a time, discontent and loneliness dog her steps--and make it frighteningly easy to succumb to King David's charm and attention. Though she immediately regrets her involvement with the powerful king, the pieces are set in motion that will destroy everything she holds dear. Can she find forgiveness at the feet of the Almighty? Or has her sin separated her from God--and David--forever?
With a historian's sharp eye for detail and a novelist's creative spirit, Jill Eileen Smith brings to life the passionate and emotional story of David's most famous--and infamous--wife. Smith uses her gentle hand to draw out the humanity in her characters, allowing readers to see themselves in the three-dimensional lives and minds of people who are often viewed in starkly moralistic terms. You will never read the story of David and Bathsheba in the same way again.

 About the Author-

Jill Eileen Smith has more than twenty years of writing experience, and her writing has garnered acclaim in several contests.When she isn’t writing, she enjoys time with her family, reading great stories, trying new recipes, and snuggling her two adorable cats. Jill’s research into the lives of David’s wives has taken her from the Bible to Israel, and she particularly enjoys learning how women lived in Old Testament times. Her collection of Bible study helps and books on culture and history, along with an abundance of novels fills at least one shelf or bookcase in nearly every room in the house.

Author Sites-

My Thoughts-

Another fantastic novel by Ms. Smith. I have read the story of King David and Bathsheba in the Bible and Ms. Smith has portrayed the story realistically. All of the characters came alive and there were some parts that were very strong and emotional. There was one scene in the story when the Prophet Nathan confronted David about what he has done. He used a story about the rich man and the poor man (2 Samuel 12) to make David understand the wrong that he has done and how his life could change forever. I could feel David's pain, shame and disappointment. Bathsheba is a wonderful rendition of the Biblical story. This is a stand alone novel but I recommend reading the other two books in the series. You will not be disappointed.


Available March 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. I received a copy of the book from Revell and I was not compensated for the review of the book.