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Sunday, February 3, 2013


New Home for Lily, A (The Adventures of Lily Lapp) by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Mary Ann Kinsinger
Genre: YA, Amish, Christian, Children
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: February 1, 2013
Purchase Book: Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

About the Book: 

Lily Lapp is moving with her family to Pennsylvania to join a new Amish community. In this small town where changes--and newcomers--are greeted with suspicion, Lily must adjust to a new school, new friends, and Aaron Yoder, an annoying boy who teases her relentlessly. Still, there are exciting new developments, including an attic full of adventure and a new baby brother. But why, Lily wonders, can't God bring her just one sister?

The second novel in the charming Adventures of Lily Lapp series, A New Home for Lily gives children ages 8-12 a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Amish--and lots of fun and laughter along the way. It combines the real-life stories of growing up Amish from Mary Ann Kinsinger and the bestselling writing of Amish fiction and nonfiction author Suzanne Woods Fisher. With line illustrations throughout, this series is sure to capture the hearts of readers young and old.

My Thoughts: 

I had the opportunity to read the first book in the series and book two is just as good. Lily  gets to learn about death, relationships and has a life that is different from ours. Although the book was written for the younger reader, adults will enjoy the book also. The Amish have a life that is so much simpler than ours  but Lily knows how to have fun and enjoy life. I highly recommend the book because it is full of adventure, great characters, and short chapters that will keep you engaged. I look forward to reading book three in the series.

“Available February 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.” 

I was given a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.


  1. This book looks really good I am going to have to get the first one and then this one. Thanks for the review.

  2. my sister has read books by this author she saids they are really good

  3. I'dreally like to read that book. It seems like ut would be very interesting. Thanks for your review.

  4. interesting story I miss my childhood when I feeding my little donkey. I love it.

  5. This looks like a really great series to start reading!

  6. I bet my niece would love this book. Thanks for the review.

  7. This sounds kinda neat. I smiled thinking about the boy annoying and making fun but liking her and I'd like to read so I can add to my kids' collections.

  8. This would be a great read for a tween, none amish deal with the same type of issues.
    willdebbie97 at yahoo dot com
    christal c willdebbie

  9. I think i would like to read this book

  10. Looks like a wholesome read for all :)

  11. I like books both my daughter and myself can enjoy and discuss-thank you for the review it sounds good. (Raine on rafflecopters)

  12. This book looks really good! I love that it's an Amish story for younger readers!

  13. This sounds so interesting! I would like to read it. I have never read a novel about the Amish community before.

  14. Sounds like a good book. It will be valuable to young children to read and know about other people's lives.

  15. I would love to read this book. I enjoy Amish books and that it is written about Pennsylvania , where I live makes it seem close to home. Tho written for the younger readers , there are lots of those that I like reading.

  16. I live in PA and "amish" and "yoder" are two very familiar words around here but I know very little about them. I think this would be an interesting and informative read.

  17. I haven't been to the Amish Contry in years.... I always loved visiting there

    This would be great for my daughter to read.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  18. This book sounds very interesting. As I'm not familiar with the Amish culture, it will be very educational, as well. I think, however, that I would like to begin with the first book in the series though. Thanks for the review.


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