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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I Would like to welcome Roy Segal to Books R Us. Roy is the author of The Devil's Dream. Thanks for stopping by.


What was your inspiration for writing “The Devil’s Dream?”
I am always amazed by documentaries about psychics solving crimes.  There seems to be some truth to the fact that psychics can give information to police detectives that could not be obtained in any other way.  I also like to write stories about characters that are upset by the injustices of this world.  Combine those two ideas and you get the narrator of my story, a man who has dreams about crimes yet to take place, who must struggle to find ways to prevent those crimes from taking place.  Thus, he can act to protect a victim, not just find the bad guy.
Do you ever have writer’s block?
I find when I am writing well there is a sense of action and movement, and drama.  When I get stuck I think that maybe I am just bored because I haven’t created enough suspense in my story.  I then try to think what twists will draw the reader in by creating more suspense.  There is an element of creativity to writing, but also an element of logic.  I want my novels to make sense.  Whatever kind of universe is created in the story, it should have consistent rules so that the readers always know what to expect.  In “Superman” for example, we know that he can’t be hurt by bullets from a gun, but that Kryptonite will weaken him and make him lose all his power.  Thus, the reader knows that if the bad guy has Kryptonite Superman is in trouble.  Whatever world is created in a novel, it should have consistent rules, even if there is magic or supernatural elements.
What advice would you give a writer starting out?
I would tell new writers to find the story that is burning inside them that wants to come out.  If a writer is inspired the reader will feel the energy and commitment the writer had when he wrote the story.  If the story is simply invented by a gimmick, however showy, the writing will suffer.  I think this is the key to good writing.
Who is your favorite character in the book?
Caroline Cash, the police officer, who is not sure if her boyfriend is a good guy or a villain.  She has the courage to offer her love completely, which many people can’t do.
Where can we buy your book?
It is available on for kindle and for kindle and ePub and nook and other formats.


          I am a private math tutor in New York City.  I help high school and college students pass their math courses, and I also tutor the SAT.  I have been writing fiction for nine years, and I have taken a dozen writing workshops at The New School and studied with Fran Gordon.  I write mystery and mainstream fiction.  I have recently attended the Book Expo America writing conference, and also the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference. 


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