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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Title: Math City
Author: Ahmad Amani
Publication Date: May 5, 2012

About the Book:

Monster Number was grossly overweight and had a shaggy body, like a mammoth. In the beginning, Monster number could not walk very well and swayed a little, tottering, and falling. However, my father trained him for detecting and killing.

After a few days, we attacked Math City. Math City was bombarded, the doors and the walls shaking while the dark shade of the Monster Number came down, covering the city. Monster Number threw big stones at Math City, one after another; and a like repulsive ghoul crashed through any barrier. Then, some horrible explosions began.

The Monster Number entered the city, and we followed him. He smashed a lot of numbers as he put down his steps on the earth. My father tried to add One numbers to the Monster Number, he gradually became bigger and bigger. He became too obese and could not breathe easily. Eventually, he fell down.

Monster Number crept down, but he could not continue any more. My father furiously ordered him back to fight, but the Monster Number groaned, "I cannot carry this giant body." And finally, the Monster number only could conquer half of the city.

A Note From the Author:

My name is Ahmad from Middle East, the world of to be or not to be, where the third way is not for mankind; At least for now is not the third way like... I am a graduate of the Art University in Tehran. I have worked for many newspapers in Iran as journalist. Math City is a story about people, social and culture like "Animal Farm" but Math City was written in a new concept and fantasy form. I hope that Math City make you happy and enjoy it. I think fantasy style has a major influence on the mind of people. In fantasy style, you do not be forced to choose and or would never mention anybody or any certain cultural. I never like to point at a certain cultural because all of cultures have some strengths points and some weak. Therefore, through this way, we are able to challenge many wars to reach peace. I think "George Orwell" is, who could figure out the fantasy world, which was called "Fantastic Realism", but "Serious Literature" could not yet discover and realize the great world, where I have stared in it. Searching, finding, and creating in this world are my favorite works. And now, I am writing a new book entitled "Broken Line", which is more interesting than Math City. In fact, I have a story series about our world with a new theme and a new style which happen and be written in the math world. I am looking for a traditional publisher. 
Best Regards,
Ahmad Amani 

My Thoughts:

When I first started reading the book, I thought it was a children's book but is was full of complex characters who were numbers representing people living in Math City. Everyone of them had a personality that conflicted with each other. The author lives in a part of the world where there is conflict and a culture that is different from ours. The story line deals with topics such as politics, government and a life that is difficult in a way that is fun,clever and unique. I recommend the book to everyone who wants a little insight into a culture different then our own.


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book for my honest review and I was not compensated for my review.


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