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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 Now that it is the middle of summer, my vegetable garden is growing well but I did have to deal with the pesty little critters that love my plants. I do not have a lot of garden space so I planted my vegetables in pots. I found that raising them up helped with the insect control. I have a variety of vegetables that include Cucumbers, Cherry and Roma tomatoes, American Beauty and white eggplants, Hot and Sweet Banana Peppers and  Red Bell peppers. I have harvested so much that I had to give some away to my neighbors. I recently had an infestation of aphids on my eggplants but I was able to control them with The Safer Brand Bug Patrol Concentrate. I have used insecticidal soap on my plants but I found that they did not kill all of the pests so I decided to give the Bug Patrol a try.

White Eggplant
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Sweet Banana Peppers
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Husky Cherry Tomatoes
Let me tell you a little about the product.

Safer® Brand Bug Patrol Concentrate kills over 40 damaging insects such as beetles, aphids, ticks, scales, whiteflies, mosquitos, chinch bugs and many others. It is supplied in a ready to use concentrate 6.4 OZ  that will make up to one gallon of insect killer. It is supplied with a 50 oz spray bottle for easy mixing and application.

- You can use Bug Patrol on vegetables, fruits and nuts, lawns, ornamentals, trees, shrubs and flowers.
- Fueled by the powerful combination of pyrethrins (.024%) and potassium salts of fatty acids (20%), Bug Patrol gives you quick results on both hard bodied and soft bodied insects! Just mix in the FREE 50 oz. bottle and spray.
- OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening.
Japanese Beetle Control
Aphids on A Leaf
What makes this product so effective is the active ingredients. Pyrethrin works to break down the hard exoskeleton of a hard bodied insect and the potassium salts of fatty acid breaks down the exterior membrane of the soft bodied insect. This works so effectively as insects die when exposed to the elements and without their natural barriers, the insects dehydrate and die quickly.

Quick Reference for our Single Dose Concentrates
Be sure to take a look at our Quick Tip cards!  Click on the image to the right to access these quick reference tools.

My Thoughts-

The concentrate made a gallon of insect killer and the spray bottle was easy to use. I was able to spray most of my vegetables and there was no bad odor. It is important to read all of the precautions on the bottle. The quick reference guide that came with the product showed the correct amount of concentrate to use for different types of plants. (You can check it out above) The pesky aphids were killed as well as other insects that got in the way of the spray. It is important to wash all of your vegetables before eating. It may be organic but you do not want to ingest it. I was using the Ortho garden dust and boy was that a mess. I had to wear a mask while applying it because it would get everywhere. The Bug Patrol concentrate was easier to use and I could control the rate of application. I was also supplied with the Safer Fungicide RTU spray but I have not used the product yet because my vegetables have not suffered from powdery mildew yet. That usually starts near the end of the season and when it is hot and humid for many days. This is a great product and it is easy to store. I just mix up a fresh batch when needed and say goodbye to those pesty critters. As you can see above my plants are doing quite well with the help of Bug Patrol.

The concentrate is not sold in stores and can only be found on the Saferbrand website.

Disclaimer: I was given a free sample of the products and I was not compensated for my review.

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