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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I want to welcome Melissa Lemon to Books R Us. Melissa is touring the blogosphere with her novel Cinder and Ella. Thanks for stopping by.

My Weirdest Dream

By Melissa Lemon

I hate to do this, but I am going to take you into one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had of late.  Is it grounds for a book idea?  I hope not!

I was younger than I am now, probably a teenager.  I was at an educational facility of sorts.  It can’t really be called a school, but…I don’t know what else to call it.  There were adobe-type buildings everywhere.  Anyway, there were teachers that were dressed a little like nuns except the cloth was a dull maroon color rather than black.  They wanted me to come to class, but I didn’t want to go, so I did what I always do in my dreams when I want to get away; I started to fly.

(Flying in my dreams was something that began a long time ago.  It started slow, and I would often be unable to get away from whoever was after me.  Over the years, my flying skills have improved and I take off with precision and confidence now.  I never flap.  It is more of a Peter Pan thing.  I fly because, in my dreams, I believe that I can.)

Back to the dream:  So this lady kept trying to get me to come to class and I kept flying away.  Sometimes the takeoff was from the ground and sometimes it was from a roof.  I don’t remember it starting to rain, but suddenly there was water everywhere.  It got higher and higher until everything was covered except the many national flags that stood tall above the buildings.  There were some mountains far in the distance that were outlined by the glow of the setting sun.  A few clouds were scattered across those mountains and a light pink, orange, silver and yellow surrounded them.  I looked all around me as I continued to fly above the water that seemed to cover the whole earth.  The mountains were too far away; I would never reach them in time.  The flags were all in a row, standing evenly about ten feet out of the water.  I thought I might try to swim it, but once I landed in the water, it covered me and I drowned.  I “woke” to find that one of my blankets was smothering my face, but I think that was part of the dream as well.

Calling all dream interpreters out there!

What weird dreams have you had lately?

About the Author-

Melissa has had many imaginary friends (and enemies) since she was a child. Her vivid imagination had her writing stories and jotting down book ideas for years until she finally sat down and finished a novel. She is married to an awesome man and the proud mother of three children. Music is also an important part of her life and she shares time with her music students teaching them piano, cello or guitar. Melissa is a graduate of the University of Utah and currently resides in the Salt Lake area.

 Stop by tomorrow for my review of the novel.


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