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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I want to welcome Daniel Lance Wright to Books R Us. Daniel is the author of Paradise Flawed. Thanks for stopping by.

Paradise Flawed

What is “Paradise Flawed” about?

“Paradise Flawed” is the story a family in need of a vacation, time together away from the stress of career and distractions of everyday life that is driving a wedge into and dividing a Midland, Texas family. But, the vacation turns into a nightmare, seemingly without end, which begins when a gasoline tanker truck explodes setting a forest fire that the remnants of two families must flee or be consumed by it. A series of events transpire that lead our protagonist, Mike Hanson, to realize that someone is trying to kill him and the other survivors running with him in a race for their lives. And, he hasn’t a clue why.

 Can you tell me who or what was your inspiration for the book?

The story was conceived a few years ago during a particularly hot dry summer in which fires seem to be burning everywhere across the southwestern United States. One day that summer, there was a news story that ignited my imagination: A family became trapped in the mountains above a forest fire. That story had a happy ending when they were airlifted out. That was the catalyst for getting the creative juices flowing.

 How long did it take you to write the book and how long did it take to get the book released?

It took about three months to draft it. But, that only began the much longer process of re-writing and editing. I’ll purposely set aside a novel for a month, maybe longer, before beginning that process because a writer’s eyes never stop seeing things that could be stated differently, better. A sentence or paragraph that made perfect sense on first draft may appear totally different, even nonsensical through a fresh set of eyes some time later. A novel is really never completed until it’s published. Changes are sometimes made even as it goes to the printer. So, if you look at it that way; it took about three and a half years from conception to release... give or take a few months.

 Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

I would have to say the athletic college-age daughter, Jojo. Although her father, Mike Hanson, is the protagonist, Jojo is often the driving force propelling the plot along. She is a strong individual, both mentally and physically. I am a huge fan of strong female characters in novels, movies, and television shows. And, the trend has been in that direction for a while now. My writing, so far, hasn’t been genre specific but I have developed a young, strong female character for a series of novels. I hope you check my website often because I’m currently looking for a publisher for just such a story, one with series potential.     (

Do you have any tips for a young writer just starting out?

I think writing has to be attacked with a passion. It can never be a casual thing easily set aside or even dismissed. If a young person is wondering if they have what it takes to be a writer, then I’d have to say that just asking this of themselves puts them at risk of failure before they ever get started. One should never ask such a question; they should just do it and love it. Success or failure shouldn’t even be part of the equation in the beginning—maybe later but not at the outset.
Secondly, get peers involved. Join writing groups, go to conferences, and grow a thick skin. Criticism is hard to hear sometimes but a young writer (actually writers of all ages) not only needs to hear it, but listen closely to it, and then act on it. And, finally, never rush to believe your novel is complete. I once heard an elderly novelist say, “A writer must string together at least a quarter million words before they can even glimpse what it takes to write a novel, and, I’m not necessarily talking about a good one either.” It was a simple comment embedded within a speech to a writer’s conference I attended. It even brought a laugh from the crowd. But, that comment, to me, was absolutely profound and proved true in my case.

Can you tell us where we can purchase the book?
There are many easy ways to accomplish this: If a person has a Paypal account and wishes a signed copy, visit my website, . If there is no Paypal account but a signed copy is still desired, email me directly at . If the signature is not important then a purchaser can go to , , , . If a purchaser would like to check out my other titles, too, then go to or my website, . I would be deeply honored for everyone reading this blog if I might be allowed to share the story of “Paradise Flawed”, or any of my other available titles.

Thanks for having me. Cheers!

About the Author-
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugA lifelong Texan, Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright is a freelance writer and novelist born in Lubbock on a cold windswept November day in 1950 on the South Plains of Texas in Lubbock, now residing near Waco. Having spent the first nineteen years of his life on a cotton farm and the next thirty-two in the television industry, he has seen the world from two distinctly different angles. This unique perspective adds depth when bringing together characters from divergent backgrounds.
"Six Years' Worth" was his first novel released in 2007. He is currently promoting and marketing "Paradise Flawed" released in 2009 as ebook and in print plus "Where Are You, Anne Bonny?" in ebook only. August 2010 is the next important milestone, when his metaphysical adventure novel, "The Last Radiant Heart" is set to release.
As a child, Daniel was repeatedly admonished by his mother to stop telling stories and quit stretching the truth. Little did she know at the time how much he enjoyed fictionalizing events and would, in later years, turn it into a passion.


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