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Friday, December 25, 2009


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My mom had bought the game so we could play it on Christmas Eve. My whole family played the game and we had a great time.
The game is similar to the original Monopoly game but the building pieces are  in 3D and the stakes are higher. There are new pieces that are called bonus buildings(red pieces) and Hazards(black pieces). These pieces determine how much rent and what can be built on the property. I was able to buy skyscrapers but they often fell over and they got in the way on the board.
It took me awhile to master the rules and my grandparents said that it was a bit confusing. Hasbro needs to rewrite the rules, and I am sure that Hasbro will be coming out with a new version soon. 

There is an electronic buzzer that was to determine how much you could buy on your turn. The device was a bit irritating and we only used it when we needed it.
 I had the opportunity to play the online version of the game and I was able to buy all of the streets in my neighborhood. Unfortunately the online game was discontinued on December 9th..

I recommend this game if you have the patience to learn the rules . My grandmother became the millionairess and won the game. It took about 3 hrs to play and that is alot shorter than the original version.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. The photos were obtained from the Hasbro web site.


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