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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UPDATE ON 3 Meal Magic - The Amazing Non-Diet for Emotional Eaters


     When my daughter asked me to listen to another diet CD, I was skeptical. I decided to download the information to my mp3 player and I headed to the gym. I have always had difficulty maintaining my weight and have tried many different diets. I found the most difficult time was at night. I am a Registered Nurse and work from 11am-1130pm and I find when I get home I used to binge and then go to sleep.
     I listened to the CD while walking on the treadmill and I was able to concentrate on the information that was provided. Tricia's voice was very soothing and inspirational. As I listened, I realized that the information that she gave I had already known before, but she put the information in perspective. I said to myself "I can do this." When I  am at work, I am tempted by all the  pastries and cookies that the patient's families bring in. In the CD Tricia had said  " None is better than one."  She is absolutely right. If I had one I had many.
     I had gone to the gym twice and I have listened to the CD and I have started to follow the information that was supplied. I even walked further while I was listening. Over the last 6 months, I have lost 30 lbs and I would like to lose 10 pounds  more. I have hit a plateau and I feel that Tricia's program will help me to lose the last 10 lbs.


I will keep you updated on my success.  If you have any questions please go to


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