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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ginger High 2

Like in the previous post I said that I was working on the second book for this series.
Well, I'm not even half way done and it doesn't have a title yet.

It's 62 pages right now (Maybe it is half way done? xD). I have writers block or I'm just having fun in school (Right. :D)

Well the title was going to be 'Demon' (that just gave away some of the book :O omg!)
but I'm not sure anymore.

Maybe next week I'll put a preview :D
Not chapter 1 though. That chapter gives... well, you'll just see.


  1. Good luck with the next novel. YOu were recommended to me today by RK Charron as an up and coming author to interview on my Fantasy Blog, FantLit Frankly at, one of the larger fantasy lit review sites in the country. In the next months, we're interviewing, Jim Butcher, Mike Resnick, Ann Aguirre, and Lev Grossman. I regret to say that none of our staff of 18 reviewers have yet read your book. But we'd love to. If your publicist can send me a review copy. I'd love to have you on the blog. We can discuss this further at Or you can tweet me at fanlitfrankly. Cheers, SB Frank

  2. I'm so excited to learn there is a 2nd book!! YAY!!! Now I must be patient :)


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